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Well, this might be fun for a while

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A discussion with a friend who writes fantasy turned into a competition to see whose genre generates more skin covered covers.

For the most part I was soundly beaten. Fantasy seems to allow a lot more in the way of direct and obvious nudity than romance and erotica do.

How odd.

So I’ve decided to start collecting nudie covers. Romance and erotica only. How to play along from home: Gimme Some Skin


Because Ciar Cullen is Awesome.

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I got to read this long ago. And it’s a real book now!

I’ll read pretty much anything Ciar writes.

Available now at Amazon!.
Emily Fenwick, former NYPD, is now reluctant defender of 1890 New York. Unfortunately for Emily, who hates “the creepy stuff,” she ignored her inner voice, went to a carnival in Central Park, and entered a Victorian tent in hopes a psychic would have some encouraging news about her woefully boring love life. The guarantee she receives of meeting a tall, dark, and handsome stranger comes with a huge catch–he lives in an alternate dimension of the past.

Jack Pettigrew leads a quirky band of lost souls in a battle to save New York circa 1890. Nightmares have come alive and threaten to terrorize a fragile era. Jack leads the “punks,” who have been sucked back in time through a vortex. Each has a fleeting memory of their own death–or near death–and must determine for themselves why they have been chosen for this mission. Is Steamside their Purgatory? Could an Egyptian obelisk in Central Park be the cause of the time rift, or is Emily herself to blame for the goblins, zombies, and other nightmarish scenes plaguing them?

If the Punks want to return to 2010, they must ensure there’s going to be an 1891. If they conclude they’re really ghosts, then it might be time to party like it’s 1999.

See? Awesome.


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Woo hoo! The final offering of the Wasteland set is out!

Some damn hot women have written some damn hot books and I’m so loving them for it.

Eden Bradley, Crystal Jordan, RG Alexander and Lilli Feisty created a world together. It’s a kick ass post-apocalyptic thing and in it, the roles of women have drastically changed from the ones they held before the end of all things. Each book in the set (not a series, they’re each totally standalone) is the story of one of those roles. And they’re all hot and smutty. Of course.