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WordPress Sucks

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Woo hoo! The final offering of the Wasteland set is out!

Some damn hot women have written some damn hot books and I’m so loving them for it.

Eden Bradley, Crystal Jordan, RG Alexander and Lilli Feisty created a world together. It’s a kick ass post-apocalyptic thing and in it, the roles of women have drastically changed from the ones they held before the end of all things. Each book in the set (not a series, they’re each totally standalone) is the story of one of those roles. And they’re all hot and smutty. Of course.

It’s a bit of a fixerupper

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So, I’ve revived this thing. Not like it was ever really up and running, but still, It’s alive!

When I started it, I just grabbed a template with colours I could tolerate and parked it. Now that it’s going to be seeing some regular action, I figure I should dress it up a bit. Trouble is, I’m fussy, and nothing I like to look at regularly (and really, I’m the one who’s gotta spend more time here than anyone else) really suits the typical images of my genres.

I mean, looking at this thing, would you guess that I write medieval romance and erotic fantasy?

But I do like red on black.

Yes, I know it’s hard to look at. I’m trying to find something different. I really am. But I’m not good at colour coordination, I’m a total minimalist and I’m kinda cheap. I also think wordpress is kinda weird, and don’t like messing around with its codey bits. So, I’m hoping that I’m going to stumble across some kind of free template that doesn’t scream cheese at me, and that has some semblance of balance in the columns, isn’t busy looking, has a centered header, minimal images and patterns, and somehow manages to convey that I write overly researched historicals and dirty books about elves.

Yeah, thanks. I’m going to need all the luck I can get.

Yeah, okay, I admit it, I’m writing

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Well, it’s the summer. Sort of. I’m not in school and that makes it summer vacation even if it’s still barely spring in this empty northern wasteland.

And since I’m not in school, I have to write.

Have to.

Really, I’ve got nothing else to do. I’ve hidden the tv in my storage locker, and I’ve got no yard, not even a balcony that I can garden on. Window boxes are as good as it gets this year, and I don’t think I can justify spending much more than a few minutes a day as “gardening.”

And baking… well, even making cookies for the guys at work every weekend will only take an hour or so. And weekends are long in a city where you know no one.

Yup, I have no choice but to write.

So, here I am. Writing about writing.

Uh huh.

Thrilling, isn’t it.